Monday, May 30, 2011

Sometimes it's good to take a break!

This past week I was on the road again for the fourth straight week and was seriously lacking in motivation for the first time since starting the Jump Manual. This program isn't easy and traveling only makes it more difficult. I also felt like my body was breaking down so I took most of the week off. I told myself that I'm half way through, I've worked really hard, and so why not take a little break?

I'm glad that I did. I played hoops this morning and was feeling really good. I could tell I was jumping better than I have in a long time. So, I had a friend grab my little video camera and film me jump a couple of times while we were waiting for the next game.

The result was I grabbed the rim with 2 hands which is the first time I've been able to do that since starting the Jump Manual. Compared to where I was six weeks ago when I could get my fingers a little over the rim, I've made some solid progress. My vert has increased probably 4 or 5 inches so far. I must say it feels pretty good. I need another 3 or 4 inches and I should be dunking!

Here's the video from today. Thanks for reading and watching!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

2011 NBA Combine - Who has hops?

The athletic testing results for vertical jump, bench press, agility, etc. from the 2011 NBA combine have finally been released. I've been anxiously waiting to see if Jimmer has a 36 inch vertical as has been reported.

There were 97 players who had their vertical jump tested. But, like in past years only a small percentage of them have over a 40 inch vertical. This year had 5 players in that category. It makes you wonder if getting a 40 inch vertical is simply not realistic for most athletes? Or do these guys focus so much on skill development that they neglect working on their athletic ability?

Jimmer's max vertical came in at 33 inches and his no-step vertical was 28 inches. I'm very close to those numbers right now. But, Jimmer can shoot just a little better than me! Lol. He also benched 185 lbs fourteen times and his lane agility score was 2nd best. Solid results. Will be very interesting to see which team picks him up!

One guy's stats that really caught my attention are Josh Selby from Kansas. This guy has only a 29.5 inch no-step vertical but a 42 inch max vertical! Most guys are only 5 or 6 inches between the two vertical jump tests.

Well...time for me to get back on my Jump Manual training. I was on the road again this week and just couldn't find the motivation to workout. So I've basically taken the last 4 days off. I was feeling pretty fatigued though so think it was the right choice. I've traveled for at least 2 days every week for the last month and it was taking it's toll.

Taking some time off and getting some recovery hopefully sets me up to finish the last 6 weeks of this program strong and injury free. I don't think I will be traveling at all during the last 6 weeks so that should really help.

Happy Memorial Day weekend!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Half way done!

It's hard to believe but 6 weeks of training has come and gone. I'm half way done with the Jump Manual! But, am I at least half way to dunking?

Yesterday, I made a few dunk attempts on a rim that is 9 foot 10 inches. I got really close on a couple of them. It seemed like I was high enough but was just missing the dunks. So I think I'm just a few inches away from throwing down!

The Jump Manual is definitely working for me. My vertical is increasing and my legs are getting stronger. As I mentioned when I started the program, I have been using a log book to track my leg workouts. I've made some solid progress on several lifts:

Squat: increased 40 lbs
Hang cleans: increased 40 lbs
Calf raises: increased 80 lbs
Dead lifts: increased 40 lbs
Lunges: increased 20 lbs

I will test my vertical again on Monday and post a new video to show where I'm at.

Thanks for reading!

Monday, May 16, 2011

5 weeks of Jump Manual

I've now completed 5 weeks of the Jump Manual. I had a minor setback last week by spraining my left ankle. Like many basketball players, I've had my share of ankle sprains but thankfully this one was not too bad. If nothing else it got me to rest a little which probably was a good thing.

Today, I decided to go ahead and test my vertical again. My ankle isn't 100% but it's good enough. Here's where I'm at after 5 weeks:

My no-step vertical has increased 3 inches (1 inch increase since last test)
My one-step vertical has increased 1 inch (no change since last test)
My running vertical has increased 2 inches (no change since last test)

I was surprised that my one-step and running vertical jumps didn't increase since my no-step vertical did go up an inch. It could be due to the ankle sprain I suppose. I also have missed my plyometric workout the last 2 weeks and focused more on weights. That seems to be helping my strength which is more important for standing vertical but now my quickness and reactive ability may be slipping. Not missing any more plyo workouts that's for sure!

Here's a video of the test I did today. Thanks for reading and watching.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Ankle sprain - no!

I was playing hoops this morning and sprained my left ankle. Thankfully it's not a bad sprain. But, it was enough of a tweak that it didn't make sense to test my vertical today. I'll be doing ice and advil for the next couple of days and may wait until Monday to test my vertical again. Just have to see how it feels.

I'm thinking about cutting back (at least a little bit) on basketball until I finish the Jump Manual. Rest/recovery is so important to get maximum results and avoid injuries. My sprain today may have partially been caused by fatigue. I feel young but there are a lot of basketball miles on this 39 year old body. Got to stay injury free!

Oh well...if this was easy, then everyone would be dunking! And then it wouldn't be so cool.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

4 weeks of Jump Manual

Another week of the Jump Manual is down and am hoping my vertical is up! I've now completed 4 weeks of the program and have just 8 weeks left.

For the first time, I missed a workout which bums me out. But, it may have been a good thing since it gave me a little extra rest. One concern I do have is getting enough recovery. In addition to doing the Jump Manual program, I'm also playing hoops 3 times per week. Yes, I'm addicted to basketball!

Tomorrow, I plan to retest my vertical and see where I'm at. Hoping for another inch!

Until then, check out this dunk video posted by Jacob Hiller, the creator of the Jump Manual. Some pretty nice dunks!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Vertical Jump Test - after 3 weeks of Jump Manual

I've been doing the Jump Manual for 3 weeks now and so it was time to test my vertical again. After playing ball this morning, I performed the same tests I've done the last 2 weeks to determine where I'm at. are the results:

My no step vertical has increased 2 inches.
My one step vertical has increased 1 inch.
My running vertical has increased 2 inches.

My max height is now about 10 feet 4 inches and so figure I need 4 to 6 more inches to throw down a one handed dunk.

So I'm up 2 inches in 3 weeks. Not bad! If my gains continue at this same rate, I'd end up with about an 8 inch gain during the 12 weeks of the program. That would put me pretty close to 11 feet max height and should be high enough to throw it down.

Just got to keep going!

Here's a video of the test I did today. Thanks for reading and watching!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Jump Manual - on the road this week!

I finished another successful week of the Jump Manual on Saturday which puts me at 3 weeks into the program. I'm definitely feeling stronger and after watching Jacob Hiller's videos showing off his 42" inch vertical and a rim rocking tomahawk dunk, I'm more motivated than ever!

That extra motivation is really important right now because I'm traveling this week which can make getting workouts in a little harder. Eating healthy is also really hard on the road for me. I eat and eat and eat and most of it isn't that healthy. I also miss my green smoothies which I have for breakfast every morning when I'm home.

I'm back in town in a couple of days and will test my vertical again and get a new video posted by Friday. I'm hoping for at least 1 more inch on my vertical.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Jacob Hiller - 42 inch vertical!

Just saw this and had to share it!

Jacob Hiller who created the Jump Manual just posted a video showing that this program does in fact work.

So motivated!