Tuesday, July 15, 2014

I'm jumping higher!

I mentioned in my last post that I had a really good jumping day last week. Yesterday, I was hoping to have another day like that but unfortunately I wasn't jumping as well and actually missed every single dunk attempt I tried. I was pretty bummed out. But, then I watched one of the video clips of one of my dunk attempts and realized I was actually jumping pretty well.

Below on the left, is a freeze frame of the last dunk I got on video from December of last year. This is at the very peak of this jump before I dunked the ball. And, on the right is a freeze frame of one of my dunk attempts yesterday at the peak of my jump. I know the angles are a little different but I think this jump is definitely a few inches higher. 

What's more exciting to me is that I was definitely jumping even higher than this on Friday. So based on that, I've got to be really close to getting a two-hand dunk.

What do you think? Am I jumping higher in the second picture? Or is it just me?

Friday, July 11, 2014

Got my best dunk today in a long time!

Apologies again for how rarely I'm posting these days...but I have some good news that I wanted to share!

This morning I got the best dunk I've had probably in a couple of years! I threw the ball off the glass and caught it and dunked one handed similar to the last dunk in this video.

It felt so good! Most of my dunks in the last two years have been when someone tosses the ball up by the rim (which is the easiest dunk to do). Catching off the glass is a harder dunk and requires jumping higher too. I was jumping higher today than I have in quite a while. This is very good news because I'm not getting younger. But, more importantly...the training I have been doing the last 2 months (which is a little different than what I was in the past) seems to be working.

Next week, I will post a video with some dunks and some of the training my son and I have been doing together and share some more details about the changes I have made if anyone is interested.

Let me know!