Monday, May 28, 2012

Jump Manual at 40 years old - Week 2 Results

Week 2 of this round of vertical jump training using the Jump Manual didn't go so well. I missed 4 workouts out of 6!

And so here comes the excuses! I was out of town for the most of the week. Sleeping in another bed, being on a different time zone, working extra long hours, etc. is training kryptonite for me. For whatever reason, I seem to leave all my discipline and motivation at home when I travel. So, either I've got to stop traveling or I got to be more committed!

Today, I tested my no-step vertical using the Just Jump System that I recently purchased. I didn't have high expectations based on how the week went. But, I did improve from last week's best jump of 27.6 to 28.1 this week. If I could get a half-inch every week for the next 10 weeks, I would gain approximately 5 inches which is exactly where I would like to be (33" for no-step vertical). Gains are typically fast at first and then slow down over time but I'm hoping to beat the odds!

Here's the video from today showing my 28.1 no-step vertical test:

About six months ago, I know my no-step vertical was around 30 or 31 inches. It's a bit frustrating that I'm down from where I was. But, I looked over the NBA combine results and that made me feel much better. For example, John Wall's no-step vertical was only 30" when he tested during the combine (his running vert was 39").

Check out the NBA Combine results from the past several years. If you haven't seen them before, I bet you will be surprised to see that not a single player tested had over a 40" no-step vertical. Guys with a running vertical over 40" is also very rare. In fact, only 48 out of 988 players tested had a running vertical of 40" or more. That is less than 5%!

NBA Combine Results

That's all for now! Hoping to see 29" next week!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Jump Manual at 40 years old - Week 1 Results

As I mentioned in my post last week, I started another round of 12 weeks of vertical jump training using the Jump Manual.

Week 1 went fairly well. I got in most of the workouts and also played basketball 3 times. Yesterday, I tested my no-step vertical on the Just Jump System. I got out my camera to film only to find out the batteries were dead! Oops! So I don't have a video to show you this week, but will make sure I do next week.

My best jump (which I got multiple times) was 27.6 inches. I was a little disappointed because I'm sure my no-step vertical last Fall was around 30 inches. I expect to make up that difference within the next couple of weeks and then hope to keep adding onto it. If I can get my no-step vertical to at least 33 inches, my running vertical should be 39-40 inches which would be incredible and absolutely high enough to be throwing down a sweet two-hand tomahawk.

It's possible! Here's my friend Steven who I used to jump higher than but the punk has passed me up! He's now throwing down some very nice two hand dunks. Hopefully, this is where I'll be by July!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Jump Manual - starting over!

Last week I had intentions of doing the Jump Manual workouts, but I failed miserably! I was in Vegas from Sunday through Thursday and just could not motivate myself to workout or eat healthy.

So, I'm going to start this round of training over and it will run from today (May 14) through the middle of August. I'm going to be consistent and am going to get that two hand dunk I've been talking about forever!

The best news I have to share with you today is I now have a way to accurately test and measure my vertical. I'm now the proud owner of a Just Jump System! This blows away the homemade vertec I made a few months ago.

I first saw the Just Jump system a couple of years ago in this video below where a guy named Frank Yang shows off his 40 inch no-step vertical. Incredible!

More recently, I've become a big fan of this guy who has made huge gains on his vertical during the last couple of years and uses the Just Jump System. His running vertical is now a very impressive 41"! Check out his latest video below.

I am definitely going to start doing progress videos each week showing where I'm at. I want my no-step vertical to be at least 33" before this phase of training ends.

Stay tuned!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Jump Manual - The Adventure Continues!

After two weeks off, I'm soooooo ready to start my training again using the Jump Manual!

I had a great dunk last week and I'm confident that within the next 12 weeks or less, I'm going to get that two hand dunk I've been chasing.

Thanks for reading and hope you will following along during the next several weeks.