Tuesday, June 11, 2013

I lost the dunking bet for Nike Elites!

Last summer, I felt like I had kind of hit a plateau in both my vertical jump training and my motivation so posted on my blog asking  if anyone wanted to have a little friendly wager to help me (and maybe others) push a little harder to reach our dunking goals.

I think 4-5 guys took me up on the offer and today I found out that I lost that wager! Dang!

Congrats to Aaron Perry who beat me to the two-hand dunk!

Check out his vid! I will be sending him a new pair of Nike Elite's.

Monday, June 3, 2013

If you want to jump high -- you better be lean!

Just a quick update today. In my last post, I talked about the athletes tested in the NBA combine during the last several years who have a max vertical of at least 38" (a total of 46 athletes). Their average bodfat % is only 6.33%.

This made me wonder about the athletes who have participated in the NBA combine who had the highest bodyfat %. Would these guys have a significantly lower max vertical?

So I crunched some more numbers to find out! The 20 "fattest" athletes to participate in the NBA combine so far (who also tested their vertical jump) have an average bodyfat percentage of 12.4%! So twice as high as the best jumpers! And guess what the average max vertical is for these guys? A very measly 31.8"! Wow!

It boggles my mind with what we know today in terms of training and nutrition that any athlete -- let alone someone with a legitimate shot at the NBA could have a max vertical jump of only 31.8".

So I was already convinced that I've got to get really lean. But, this my friends sealed the deal.

New videos coming soon! I'm making some nice gains right now!