Tuesday, August 27, 2013

40 inch vert at 41 years old? Possible?

Sorry for another long hiatus from posting updates! The last 2 months have been really crazy and I'm so glad that it is now back to "normal". Time to get back on it!

It doesn't seem like I'm the only one though. I follow several other blogs of guys like me chasing their jumping dreams and seems they also have been on a bit of a vacation. Where is everybody? :-)

I started another phase of training that I'm super excited about it. I'll share more details over the coming weeks. 

I've still been doing Intermittent Fasting and it has become a habit now and I still really like it. I am getting my bodyfat tested next week and am expecting to see significant improvement from my last test where I was 17.9%. 

I will start testing my vertical each Monday starting next week and post a video showing my progress. I expect to be a little bit down from my PR a few months ago. But, that's okay. I can get it back quickly.

My new goals to reach before Thanksgiving (12 weeks of training) are:

35" no-step vert
40" running vert 

Wonder how many 40+ year old's are there who have had a 40 inch vert? I got to imagine it is a really small number! Hope to join that club!