Monday, October 21, 2013

Road to 40 inch running vert - Week 6 Results - new PR!

After some bad luck with injuries, I’m finally feeling good again!  In fact, today I got a new PR on my no-step jump!

Here’s the video with my new PR of 31.6 on my no-step jump:

It feels so feel good! The sprain on my right ankle took so much longer to heal than I was expecting. The worst part was the timing! Two weeks ago, I went to Florida and was able to meet up with Steven Celi who has become one of my favorite YouTube dunkers. I was hoping to make a cool dunk video with him but we were both injured. It was still cool to meet him in person and learn more about his training and what has worked and not worked for him. He’s a big believer in jumping every day or almost every day. He does very little lower body strength training now and mostly focuses on jumping and plyometric work. It definitely has worked for him. He recently tested at 42” on his running vert which is fantastic.

I’m super excited again and look forward to getting another PR very soon. I'm feeling very confident about getting to 34” on my no-step and 40” on my running vert! Big dunks coming soon!

Thanks for reading and following along. I appreciate the support.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Road to 40 inch running vert - Week 4 Results

Today marks 2 weeks since I sprained my right ankle pretty bad. Even though it didn't keep me off the court or from working out for very long, it still is not 100% and I'm not jumping great right now. I'd say maybe 80%. I'm actually icing it right now as I type this!

The swelling has gone down a ton but is not completely gone. I can do most exercises other than depth jumps as those are just too painful still. 

I did test my no-step vert on Monday and my best jump was 29.1 which of course was disappointing. That's 2 inches from my PR. I know my ankle is mostly to blame but that doesn't make me feel any better! I just want to jump higher!

I also did the 4 jump test a few times and my best test was:

.24 (ground contact time)
2.87 (explosive leg power)
23.5 (avg vertical during the 4 jumps)

Those are fairly similar to my last test a couple of weeks ago after I had sprained my left ankle and down quite a bit from where I was 3 weeks ago. I know these numbers will rapidly go back up when I am healthy. 

The timing for these injuries is kind of unfortunate as I'm going to Florida next week and am going to meet up with my friend Steven Celi who I met through YouTube from doing the Jump Manual. I used to jump higher than this guy but he's passed me up by a ways! But, hopefully I will have a great week and can get some decent dunks. We're planning to do at least one dunk session and maybe two. He also recently sprained an ankle and may not be 100%. But, no matter what it will be fun and it's so cool that I've made some new friends from chasing my dunking dreams.

Check out one of his recent dunk mixes!