Tuesday, December 15, 2015

My First Group Dunk Session!

If there is anything funner than dunking, please tell me what it is!!! I had my first ever group dunk session with my new friends Clint and Dallon this past Saturday. It was an absolute BLAST!

We dunked for about 3 hours and it absolutely wiped me out! I was exhausted after the first hour but these guys just kept dunking and dunking! It's now 3 days later and my legs are still crazy sore!

I got 2 new dunks during the session:

1) cuff dunk
2) dunk off backboard with someone else throwing it

A couple of Dallon's dunks got me so hyped, I even tried a windmill! LOL! I have a WAYS to go to get that. I almost got a lefty dunk off the glass and I did get a cleaner lefty dunk off the dribble.

I can't wait to dunk with these guys again!

Here's the video:

Later that same day, I went to a dunk contest as part of a top high school tournament. It featured Frank Jackson (Duke commit) and Gavin Baxter (BYU commit) and these guys can fly!

I got some pretty good footage and put together a video. I did a bunch of slow-motion so I could really watch their technique. So much you can learn just from watching someone jump.

Check it out!


Friday, December 4, 2015

Dunk Mix at 43 years YOUNG

I recently finished 12 weeks of training using Bounce Kit and decided to put together a mix of some of my dunks during the last couple of months. I know that compared to most dunkers out there, my dunks are not that impressive. I can't believe the things guys are doing now. Jumping over people, going between the legs, jumping over people while going between the legs, behind the back, etc. But, I'm stoked with my progress and just want to keep improving every day.

I'm going to be doing a dunk session soon with a guy who is an unbelievable dunker - Dallon Findlay and can't wait for that. I've never really had the opportunity to dunk with anyone who can jump as high as this guy. I'm excited to see his dunks and learn from him. I'm also hoping he will inspire me to finally throw down a 2 hander!

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