Sunday, November 22, 2015

Started vert training again - Week 12 (off backboard, new PR on drop-step)

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I made it! I've finished 12 weeks of training using Jordan Kilganon's Bounce Kit program! Feels so good to complete it. I didn't miss a single workout during the 12 weeks and the results are starting to show. This week I had one of my best dunking sessions ever.

I'm so close to being able to hang on the rim on my no-step vert. I actually think I'm high enough to do it but am too scared to hold on to the rim! I'm going to get it next week when I have fresh legs! 

I also got an all-time PR on my drop-step jump and was able to hang on the rim with 2 hands without "cheating". First time I've ever done that in my life!

I also got probably the most dunks I've ever had in a single day. The rim where I'm getting most of the dunks in this week's video is a little low but it's still great progress for me. The two hand off-the-backboard or lob is not far off! Gonna get it!

Now that I've finished training I can take some time to just do dunk sessions and enjoy the gains. I can't wait for next week!

Thanks for watching!

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Sunday, November 15, 2015

Started vert training again - Week 11 (lob and dribble dunk)

Almost finished with this 12 week phase of training!

Week 11 went really well. I finally got a dribble dunk on a rim that has been taunting me for a while.  The last time I dunked on this rim off the dribble was back in September of last year. Felt great to finally get that down. Also got fairly close on some off-the-backboard dunks. I think I will get that this week.

If you saw my last post, I mentioned I started an Instagram account (@overthehilldunker) and hope you will follow me there. I plan to post there more regularly and depending on how things go, I may not post here very much. I guess the big limitation on Instagram is it's not as easy to provide detailed information like you can on a blog. We'll see how it goes.

If you've been following my blog since the early days, you may remember me mentioning a guy I play hoops with who told me I would never dunk. I had not really talked to him about that conversation we had over 4 years ago until this week. After we got done playing, I asked if he remembered the day he was mocking my dunk attempts when I had first started this quest.

He said he didn't remember saying any of those things! We had a great laugh about it. I thanked him for giving me extra motivation by telling me I couldn't do it. It actually did give me extra determination to work towards achieving my goals. There were days I wanted to give up and his words ringing in my ears was just the extra push I needed to keep going.

Another example on not giving up happened this week when I got the dunk off the dribble. I made 3-4 attempts before I got that dunk down. The first few were some of my worst attempts I've had in weeks. I got completely hung on the first attempt. The second attempt I slipped on a sweat spot on the floor and almost fell on my face. The third attempt I tried off the glass and threw it way too hard. At this point everyone is impatiently waiting on me to start the next game while I try all this stuff and so I'm feeling a bit silly at this point. They get really tired of me trying to dunk all the time. But, I had to try one more! I went for it and I got it! So glad I did. Don't give up!

Here's my Week 11 video. Follow me @overthehilldunker. Thanks!

Monday, November 9, 2015

Follow me on Instagram! And...I'm using Bounce Kit!

I've noticed a big decline in traffic and comments on my blog over the last 2 years. Now, I'm sure this is because I wasn't posting as often and it was probably getting really boring reading pretty much the same thing over and over again. Andy is old and he still wants to dunk. Blah blah blah! :)

But, I also think it's largely due to the popularity of Instagram! Blogs are so yesterday! Everyone is on Instagram! I've even noticed YouTube is no where near as popular. For example, my favorite dunker - Jordan Kilganon - who is arguably the best dunker in the world only has 5K subscribers on YouTube and hardly ever posts there anymore. On Instagram, he has 200K followers and posts a few times a week. I created an Instagram account and invite you to follow me there. The blog just doesn't seem to provide much value anymore as there is so little interaction. I've gotten like 3 comments on my blog in the last 3 months! I've only had the Instagram account a few hours and I've already had a ton of comments!

Also, for this 12 week phase of training that I started 10 weeks ago, I am actually doing Jordan Kilganon's jump program called - Bounce Kit. I was going to wait until I had completely finished the program before saying anything to see how my results turned out but changed my mind today when I created the Instagram account.

I've been following Jordan on YouTube for the last 4-5 years and his progress has been nothing short of amazing. When he released his own vertical jump program, I couldn't pass it up.

If you have questions about Bounce Kit vs Jump Manual, post them below or ask me on Instagram.

My instagram name is "overthehilldunker"

Thanks for the support!

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Started vert training again - Week 10 (some dunks and misses)

Made it through another week of training and for the most part I'm feeling really good. I have just 2 weeks left now of this 12 week block of training.

I'm really looking forward to having a few days off and doing a dunk session when I'm completely fresh and can go all-out. I've continued to play basketball 3 times per week during this training -- and that's probably not ideal for maximizing training results. But, I just can't stop.

I almost grabbed the rim on my no-step vert test this week. Just 1 more inch and I should be able to do it. That would be an all-time PR at any age for me. I've never done that before even in my younger years.

I've now been on creatine for 2 weeks and can definitely feel a difference in my energy and strength. I've experimented with taking it post workout and taking it and pre and post workout. I've noticed more energy taking it before a workout and so will continue to do that. And what's been really nice is I haven't had the normal weight gain either. I'm still hovering between 170-172 lbs.

That's about it for this week! Here's the video: