Thursday, April 7, 2016

Dunk contest at age 44???

About 5 months ago, I got this crazy idea that I should sign-up for a dunk contest as part of Fitcon Utah on April 30th in order to push myself as hard as possible. Since setting that big goal, I've been training probably the hardest I've ever trained in my life as well as trying to be super disciplined with my diet. And, it has paid off! I'm jumping really well right now -- maybe even the highest I've ever jumped.

But, will all this hard work pay off? You can't just sign-up for this dunk contest. You have to be accepted to compete! So, I put together a mix of my best dunks over the last few months, added some music, and sent it off to FitCon.

I should hear back from them soon and am hoping for good news!

Here's the video I submitted. Enjoy!


  1. Hey man, it's amazing to see your progress! I doubt you remember me but I have checked in/commented before since way back in the day (I remember when you got your first!). It's funny because I recently moved to Orlando and hadn't been playing ball at all, just working out (Crossfit) and not even thinking about increasing my vert. I went to the park yesterday at lunch and was about 1 inch short of stuffing one down. I think had I given it a few more attempts I would have been good. Anyhow, I am super impressed by what you have accomplished and your dedication. I am the definition of "program changer" and rarely stick with anything long enough to see significant results. So, take care. Keep doing what you do and inspiring others to continue to improve themselves. To use a throw back phrase, you tha man!

    1. Hey Joe! Yes! Totally remember you! Thanks for commenting and reconnecting! I'm having a blast. Just got word that I was accepted into the dunk contest so going to be crazy! Can't wait!