Monday, March 28, 2016

Getting Older...But Jumping Higher!!!

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At 44 years YOUNG, I'm on the verge of jumping the highest I have ever jumped and certainly the highest I've jumped in over 15 years.

I got a few really nice dunks on Saturday including a couple of 2 handers off the glass and know I could have had several more good dunks but there were a bunch of guys who just wanted to play pick-up so I was only able to get in a few attempts. Would have liked to try a few more windmills and other dunks I'm trying to learn but didn't get the opportunity. Next time!

Jumping felt so easy. It was also the first time wearing the Jordan 29s and they felt great. So maybe it was the shoes! So stoked with my progress and so stoked I set the crazy goal of being in the fitconutah dunk contest as it has pushed me so hard to reach my goals. No way I would have come this far without this big goal.

Go get your dreams!

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