Wednesday, May 24, 2017

New goal! 40 inch vert!

Just in case anyone still reads this blog...I thought I'd provide a quick update:

A little over a year ago (when I was much younger -- age 44), I was jumping the highest I've ever jumped in my life at any age. And as you probably know by now, I was able to compete in my first dunk contest. It was a lifelong dream and it came true. It was freaking awesome! If you don't know this story, watch the documentary!

However, since then I've had not been able to get back to that level. I've had some injuries which didn't help things but probably the biggest factor is a lack of motivation. Once I had achieved the dream of competing in the dunk contest, my motivation took a serious nose dive. I started skipping workouts instead of skipping dessert! :)

So...I needed a new goal and here it is!!! I want a 40 inch (running) vert! I estimate on my very best jumping days leading up to the dunk contest and on the day of the dunk contest that I was jumping around 37". So it will take getting back to my peak and then some to reach this new goal. Is it possible? Let's find out!!!

I'm making a new series of videos called "40 over 40" (40 inch vert over 40 years old) and invite you to follow along as I continue battling Father Time and the laws of gravity!

Here's the Intro Video

Thanks for your support! If you actually read this, please post a comment so I know whether or not to spend any more time on this blog thing. I feel like no one reads blogs anymore...



  1. Wow, just wow! That's an inspiring goal, brother. Good luck, Andy!

  2. Hey Andy
    Firstly let me say I am 38 about to turn 39 in a month or two and I just saw your video. Congrats on being able to throw it down at that age. I also wanted to say that you totally motivated me--I used to have a good vertical in twenties but I'm not in that shape any more and I haven't even grabbed the rim in 10yrs. I was just thinking man it would be sweet to really throw it down before age takes me over and I think I still can if I get to work... you inspired me and I think I'm gonna go for it! It seems like the training knowledge and body of information has changed since I was working out but if you could point me to any program that you think is really worth while then I would love the advice.
    Good luck on your 40". Thanks again for going for it!

    1. sorry for delay! I don't post or check this blog much anymore as I mostly use Instagram and my YouTube channel.

      I would recommend Jump Manual or Bounce Kit as I've done both and really like them.

      There are other good programs I've heard good things about as well but I haven't use them so can't really say much about them.

      You can do it though if you really want it and put in the work! Go get it!

  3. Love this. Just heard about your name as I had this crazy goal in January turning age 47. I told myself I want to dunk again before turning age 50. last time I dunked was age 22. So a month after age 47 (late Feb) I hired my girl's trainer (they are volleyball players) and have gone from not touching the rim to dunking a volleyball. Wish i saw this video earlier. I am 6'3", 200 pounds. Prob 15-20% body fat. Been an ultra marathon runner for the past 8 years where i destroyed any fast twitch i had before. Amazing how you can find it again. I need goals like this and now I want to get my body fat tested and keep working on strength. Older we get the the more work it is. You are inspiration and I will be following you. Right now I need to 3-4" to get my wrist clean over the rim. I wish there was a quick fix but like most things in life, it never comes easy! Good luck with 40 over 40, I know you will succeed. Get back to you once i get the bball down clean :)

    1. that's awesome man! Go get it! If you are posting progress videos on instagram or youtube, let me know!

  4. Good stuff. Very inspiring. Nice job

  5. David Harris,
    If you see this, somehow your comment was deleted but I had a copy of it sent to my email. Anyways, happy to answer questions. Easiest way to contact me is direct message on Instagram @overthehilldunker.